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For many years PxPlus has had the benefit of easy online registration. Now ProvideX Versions 5 thru 9 can also activate online minimizing the time and effort required to register your product.


Download and Install Registration Software

While PxPlus ships with the online registration software, you need to download and install it manually if you are using ProvideX.

The following are the steps required to download and install the online registration software:

  • From download the required version for your O/S.
    • For Windows users the file is
    • For Linux users you can generally download either a 32 or 64 bit file based on your OS
      • In most cases the OS version is not important. For example the Redhat 32 bit version will run on MOST 32 Bit Redhat or similar OS's (CENTOS, ORACLE, etc.)
  • Move the file from the download location into the main PVX directory.
  • Unzip (Windows) or untar (Linux) and the files will be placed into the appropriate locations.

Running the ONLINE registration

Once you have installed the online registration you can use it to both permanently activate your software or to apply new keys if/when you upgrade.

To run the online activation enter the following from the ProvideX command line:

RUN "*plus/reg/net"

This will connect to the Internet, contact our servers, and apply any new keys to your system.

Once the new keys have been applied you will need to exit ProvideX and restart.

When an internet connection is NOT available please continue to use the manual registration procedure (see Problems below).

Resetting your ProvideX Activation

If you move/copy your ProvideX system to a new system or it gets restored due to a system failure, the activation file can get corrupted to the point that new keys will not be accepted. Should this occur the easiest solution is often to delete the existing activation key and re-register.

Here are the steps for resetting the registration information:

  • Remove the ACTIVATE.PVX from the lib/keys (Windows) or lib (Linux) sub-directory.
  • Using pvxwactv.exe (Windows) or pvxactv (Linux) enter the following information as you would normally do.
    • User name
    • Temporary installation activation key
    • Number of users
  • Start pvxwin32.exe (Windows) or pvx (Linux) and you will get a message that you now have 30 days to register.
  • If you have installed the online activation files you can now RUN "*PLUS/REG/NET"
  • Exit from pvxwin32.exe (Windows) or pvx (Linux).

If Problems Persist or Internet not Available

If you are still experiencing problems with product activation and registration please contact support at:

When you contact support you will need to provide the following information:

  • The Product you are trying to install
    • The ProvideX version number
    • The name of the file you used to obtain the product (if you downloaded it from our site)
  • Serial number for the license you are installing
  • Operating System (Windows, Unix, Linux, MAC, etc.) and version
  • Type of computer system (Intel/AMD based PC, IBM-RISC, ARM, etc.)

For a Product registration (permanent activation) you will also need the following information which will be displayed by the activation program when you enter the temporary installation key:

  • System ID (7-8 digit system identifier)
  • Class ID (3 digit code -- 001 For Windows)
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