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iNomads Object Properties & Methods

Internal Settings

Variable Description
Add_Pdffile$() Method to create a work file (generally a PDF file) in the sessions tmp directory and return its pathname
Base_Hide_Show_Redraw Internal flag used to control whether when a control get hidden/shown we redraw the page or just add the control on the fly
Base_Use_Webtab If non-zero indicates that the template wants us to use Web style tabs (Vertical)
Browser$ Type of browser
Button() Method to create a new BUTTON control
Caption$ Current window caption text
Chart() Method to create a new Chart control
Chart_Colors Number of chart colours defined in the chart_clrs.txt file for the template
Chart_Colors$ Chart colour string with each colour separated by a SEP character
Check_Admin() Routine to check to see if admin password is correct
Check_Box() Method to create a new CHECK_BOX control
Col_Factor Internal ratio between logical columns in HTML versus output columns
Connected Set to 1 if browser appears to be connected. Set to 0 when disconnected
Css_Pfx$ CSS prefix based on the browser ("-ms-" for IE, "-moz-" for Firefox, "-webkit-" for Chrome/Safari)
Ctl_List Group object with the list of CTLs on the current window
Currentwindow Current window object
Custom Customization object handle
Default$() Default function which returns second string argument if first is null
Do_Log(text$) Method to add text$ to the iNomads log file (*plus/inomads/system.log)
Document_Root$ Base directory for the Web server (generally "*plus/inomads")
Document_Uri$ The WEB URL reference following the site address (generally "inomads")
Dont_Keep Set to 1 if you want immediate disconnect when poll timeout occurs. No reconnect possible
Download_File() Function to download a file
Dq_Ctl$() Method to remove the next CTL value from the input queue
Dragdrop Object to handle Drag and Drop logic
Drop_Box() Method to create a new DROP_BOX control
Drop_Window() Method to process a 'DROP'() mnemonic
Errdump Error dump file -- used when system is doing a dump due to program error
Errinfo$ Error information generated by internal error handler. Saved here during dump and then output upon exit
Errmsg_Rule$ Error message to display when input violates an input rule
Errmsg_Valid$ Error message to display when input violates validation
Exit_Url$ URL to send browser to when session ends (_exit=value fro URL)
Focus Current object with focus reported to application
Focus_Cur Current object that has reported receiving focus from the browser
Focus_Retry Flag that current refocus is a SET_FOCUS RETRY
Folder Current Folder object
Font$ Current default graphic font
Get_File_Bmps$ Semi-colon separated list of file suffixes and their associated image to display in GET_FILE_BOX (e.g. XXX=xxx.jpg;YYY=yyy.bmp)
Get_Popfile$() Method to return the pathname to a target temporary file that application must load with data to be displayed in new window on the browser
Getfile Object used to handle the GET_FILE_BOX directive
Getmse() Method to emulate the MSE value
Goto_Wdw() Method to emulate the 'GOTO' mnemonic
Grid() Method to create a new GRID control
Has_Menu Indicator if the current window was created expecting a Menu bar
Header_Tags$ Additional META tags that you want included in the HTML
Html$() Text conversion method to convert text to HTML text (replace < with &lt; etc)
Html_Clr$() HTML colour conversion routine
Html_Clr_Grad$() Logic to generate Gradient colours using Style properties
Html_Spc$() Converts text to HTML but also convert space to &nbsp; for proper alignment
Htmlfile *MEMORY* file used to construct HTML prior transmission to device
Htmlswap() Routine to swap HTML build files used when handling an error during the HTML generation process
Htmlxlate$ String used in TRANSLATE command to convert text to HTML (converts <, >, &, etc)
Http_Host$ Host address (value between the double slash up to next slash)
Http_User_Agent$ Browser USER Agent string
Https$ Contains either "ON" or "OFF" depending on if the server connection is secure
Image$() Returns the HTML value to be used when referencing ans image. Will copy image as required and return URL to temporary image
Implied_Dp Equivalent of system setting of implied decimal point
Include_Js() Method to call to include a .js into the HTML. Call this method with the URL to a JS file in order to make sure the panel will have the JS included. May force a re-transmit of page
Inid$ Workstation internal iNomads identifier (value from cookie saved on browser)
Input() Method to handle INPUT directive
Isplus Indicator to indicate if running PxPlus (deprecated -- set to 1)
Js_Eval$() Method to send a string containing JavaScript to the workstation browser for processing. Returns value of Javascript
Js_Go_Ajax() Logic to flip to Ajax mode from HTML page mode
Js_Lit$() Method to convert text string to a JavaScript compatible string with apostrophes
Js_Load_Code$() Method to return/clear string which contained JavaScript to execute on the HTML initialization logic
Js_Onload() Method to add JavaScript to the HTML initialization logic
Last_Focus CTL that last had focus
Last_Msg_Tmr Time last message was received from browser
Lib_Font$ Current library default font
List_Box() Method to create a new LIST_BOX control
List_View() Method to create a new LIST_BOX control with a List View type
Load_Chart_Colors() Method to load the default chart colours
Load_Colours() Method to load the default system colours
Logonreqd$ Logon required setting from Transaction definition
Lose_Focus Last control to lose focus
Map_Add() Internal method used to add field overrides from the override file
Map_File Channel to the memory resident override file
Mbx_Align$ Alignment setting for Messagebox
Menubar Object to handle MENU_BAR directives
Mnemonics Object handle to the Mnemonic handler
Mouse_Over() Standardized method used to determine which control/column the mouse if over
Msgbar$() Method to emulate the 'MESSAGE' mnemonic
Msie_Version Microsoft IE version number. If the browser is Internet Explorer this contains the version number otherwise it is set to 999
Multi_Line() Method to create a new MULTI_LINE control
New_Child() Method used to create a new child window
New_Parent() Method used when creating a new Parent window
No_Log_File Internal flag used to indicate no system log file is present
Non_Nomads Non-nomads flag
Panelloaded Flag used to indicate if the panel is loaded
Parent Handle to parent window object
Pdf_Cnt Sequence number for created PDF (and others) files in the tmp directory. (Assures unique pathnames)
Popup_Menu() Method to handle POPUP_MENU directive
Pos_Tbl Internal memory file which is used to maintain a sorted list of controls to be drawn in window
Post_Body$ HTML script to include after the BODY tag
Pre_Input() Method to emulate the PREINPUT directive
Process_String$() Converts input string replacing all the <?BB tags
Progbar Indicator that progress bar is active
Prv_Pos_Tbl Previous Pos_tbl used by re-size logic
Prv_Scr_Hi Previous Screen height used by re-size logic
Prv_Scr_Wd Previous Screen width used by re-size logic
Radio_Button() Method to create new RADIO_BUTTON control
Read_Caption() Method to emulate MULTI_LINE READ 0
Remote_Addr$ Browser (workstation) remote IP address
Rescue() Invokes session rescue logic
Rescue_Seq$ Sequence number being rescued
Reset_Files() Close open files to reset CHN the value specified
Resize_Info$ Screen re-size information as returned from the browser when a re-size button is pressed
Scr_Hi Logical height of screen in Lines
Scr_Id$ Key to current panel
Scr_Lib$ Pathname to current library being used
Scr_Wd Logical width of screen in characters
Seq$ Sequence number of current message being processed. Next message must be one higher
Server_Addr$ IP Address of the server as provided by the HTTP server
Server_Ip$ Same as Server_addr
Server_Port Port number on the server that is being accessed by the browser
Server_Secure Flag to indicate if the browser session is secure
Session$ Session ID
Session_Dir$ Session temporary directory
Sessions$ Returns a list of Active sessions on the browser (same cookie id)
Setfocus() Method used to process SET_FOCUS directive
Setfocus_Noexit() Internal method used to change focus without triggering the OnExit event for the current control
Setfocus_Retry() Method used to process SET_FOCUS RETRY directive
Setfocus_Wdw() Internal method used to set focus logically to the window
Setfocusread() Method used to process SET_FOCUS READ directive
Sizable Indicator as to whether the window is logically re-sizable
StartUpReqd$ Loaded from the transaction definition. Set to "Y" then the START_UP program in the target directory is run prior running the program/panel identified in the Transaction
Systemhelp Object handle to SYSTEM_HELP handler
Tcpfile TCP File connected to HTTP server
Tcpport$ Port number being used by the session on the application server
Temp_Dir$ Pathname to 'tmp' directory
Temp_Url$ URL prefix for files in 'tmp' directory
Template$ Current template in use
Template$() Method to return the contents of the specified template file after processing all <?bb … > tags
Template_Style$ Contents of the style.css file from the current template directory
Touch_Scrn Set to non-zero if we thing the browser is on a touch screen device
Tree_View() Method to create a new LIST_BOX control with a Tree View type
Txid$ Transaction ID for the current session
Upload_File() Method to request a file to be uploaded
Url_Arg$() URL Argument list access method
Url_Arg_Cnt Number of parameters found on the URL line
Use_Child Internal flag used to control whether function works on main window or child
User_Poll_Routine$ If set by developer, system will call this routine every time a poll is received from browser
Userid$ Logical Userid for session
V_Scrollbar() Method to create a new V_SCROLLBAR control
Wait_Until Time delay to maintain process alive after processing ends. Allows file downloads to complete at end of session
Wdw_Closed Property indicating that the current window is closing
Wdw_Pop() Internal method to restore prior window settings
Wdw_Push$() Internal method to save current window settings
Wdwfromctl() Method to return window number given CTL
Web_Home_Dir$ Base directory for the application (generally *plus/inomads)
Web_Url$ URL base used to run application
Window_Open$ Options to include on JavaScript call
Winprt_Open() Method to emulate open of *WINPRT*


Config File Settings

Variable Description
Admin_Pswd$ Password to administration functions within the system
Allow_User_Input$ URL tag that must be present in order to enable any command/console input
Cache_Templates$ Enable caching of templates. For debugging purposes it is desirable not to have the system cache the 'xxx.tpl' files
Calendar_2Dig_Yr Two digit year conversion range. If zero force current century else max years in future that a two digit year will allow before using date in the past
Character_Set$ Character set to use when running applications
Default_Txid$ Default transaction ID to use when launching without a TXID specification on the URL. Leave blank to force user to supply TXID
Directory$ Default starting directory for sessions. If not specified then the directory defined for the web server will be used
Fldr_Autoclose Enable "Auto-Close" option on folders (Not available in Nomads)
Forcelogon Force Signon for all transactions regardless of TXID settings
Get_Dir_Tbl$ List of directories that GET_FILE_BOX will allow access to. Each entry should be separated by a comma or semi-colon
Get_File_Popup$ Do you want the GET_FILE_BOX to have popup menus enabled that allow for file creation, deletion or renaming?
Language$ Default system language that will be used for any internal messages
Launch_Ip$ Remote process launching IP address or server name
Launch_Max_Port Maximum port to user for Launcher. (Both Min/Max must be provided)
Launch_Min_Port Minimum port to user for Launcher. (Both Min/Max must be provided)
Launch_Port$ Remote process launch port address. If not specified port 4093 is used
Launch_Pswd$ Remote process launch password. Used to assist in securing the launch port process
Launch_Root$ Pathname to the Web root directory as seen from the remote process server
No_Dumps Disable to creation of DUMPs when an error occurs
Override_File$ Pathname to file which defines the control overrides to be applied
Poll_Time Poll time in minutes for each browser session to send message to host confirming activity
Pxplus_Exec$ Pathname to PxPlus exec
Pxplus_Lib$ System library directory
Reconnect_Time Reconnect time in minutes. How long a task will be kept alive after polls stop being received
Show_Debug Enable debugging/tracing by issuing a 'SHOW' of the background window when launching a window
Show_Tasks Don't run spawned tasks in background when launching directly on server (Windows only)
Std_Template$ System template to be used on panels that don't specify a specific template
Syshtml_Dir$ Location of system HTML files. If blank then *plus/inomads/syshtml will be used
Tbl_Emul Emulate the creation of standard NOMADS Name, Class, and type tables
Tcp_Timeout Internal network Timeout in seconds for messages sent from server to application
Timeout Idle time timeout in minutes after which the session will be automatically terminated if no activity (other than polls)
Txid_Lookup$ Application sub-program that will called to process the TXID and return the library and panel name to be processed
Warn_Time Disconnect warning time in seconds. The number of seconds warning the user will be given before an inactivity disconnect
Wdx_Call_Prog$ Program to call whenever the system detects a "[WDX]" or "[LCL]" prefix on a CALL directive
Wdx_Err_Ignore$ WindX error suppression enabled?
Web_Url_Map$ Shell.explorer' mappings. Each comma separated entries defining replacement text for URLs passed to the shell explorer emulation


Template Config Settings

Variable Description
Auto_Folder Folder Auto-invoke option. If enabled, using the arrow keys to change tab will cause folder to be changed immediately
Avoid_Popups Avoid using popup windows
Barcode_Option$ Browsers to enable Bar Code Reader Icon on
Barcode_Types$ Accepted Bar code that the reader will process (Blank = UPC_A,EAN_13)
Btn_Sz_Adjust Amount to adjust button size/position in order assist alignment
Calendar_Qry_Mask$ Mask used to test Query to determine if JavaScript calendar can be used
Cbx_Css_Val0$ Off text value for text/html within style sheet check boxes (normally blank/empty)
Cbx_Css_Val1$ On text value for text/html within style sheet check boxes (normally check mark)
Cbx_Css_Val2$ 3rd state text values for text/html within style sheet check boxes (normally 'X')
Cbx_Rbt_Adjust Right justified Check box/Radio Button pixel adjustment
Cbx_Use_Css Don't use standard check boxes. Always use style sheet defined button check boxes
Chart_Obj$ Charting object to use. If -none- then no chart will be available. Path must be relative *plus/inomads/add-ons
Chr_Px Number of pixels wide that each logical column occupies
Col_Px Number of pixels used to define each table column when generating panels
Disable_Tr_Height Don't force table row heights, but allow browser to determine height based on content
Fkey_Pulldown Option to include Function Keys pull down on Caption line
Flat_Img_Btn Force all Image-only buttons to be 'Flat' (no visible button -- image only)
Focus_Outline$ Outline to use to highlight current input field. Format is "Colour Type Width" such as "Orange solid 1px" or "Invert dotted thin"
Folder_Control_Factor Height multiplication factor to apply to controls over 4 lines high within folders. (Only when using Table rendering)
Folder_Factor Folder height factor. The folder height (in lines) will be multiplied by this value to determine height in HTML (default 0: 1-without frames, 1.2-with frames)
Frame_Bottom_Hi Frame bottom height to allow for corners etc in pixels (0 means use 1 line)
Frame_Btm_Adj Frame bottom adjustment. Logical number of lines the bottom of a frame will be moved up to compute true bottom
Frame_Height Pixels to be added to window height to compensate for external margins
Frame_Suppress Enable suppression of 'Frames' that do not have titles associated with them
Frame_Title_Hi Frame header height override in pixels (0 means use 1 line)
Frame_Use_Hr Use <HR> for single line high frames instead of standard frame display
Frame_Width Pixels to be added to window width to compensate for external margins
Grid_Hi_Adj The number of pixels higher your style sheet will make grid rows
Grid_Wd_Adj The number of pixels wider your style sheet will make grid columns
Hide_Show_Redraw Refresh screen when hiding/showing controls
Img_Dir$ Image web based URL (In HTML will have "/" appended - Default 'images')
Line_Px Number of pixels high that each logical line occupies
Lvue_Hi_Adj The number of pixels higher your style sheet will make list view rows
Lvue_Hilite$ How to handle list view alternate highlighting
Lvue_Wd_Adj The number of pixels wider your style sheet will make list view columns
Maximize_Browser Force browser to occupy full screen when 'SHOW'(2) issued. Not applicable to all browsers and not a 'true' maximize
Meta_Tags$ Additional header META tags to be included in the HTML
Modal_Close_Child When running a modal popup window, clicking on the panel windows 'mask' will close the child
Overlay_Wdws Overlay windows as opposed to creating popup windows
Panel_Align$ Alignment of the panel on the screen
Panel_Border Width of the border to include around panel. Setting this to zero will result in no border around the panel
Popup_Msg$ Message box text to show when avoiding Popups and viewing other file/site
Popup_Pdf_Msg$ Message box text to show when avoiding Popups and viewing .pdf report
Qry_Fullscreen$ Do you want to use the full width of the display when showing queries or use the screen width as defined in the query definition?
Qry_Listview Use Listview based Query display as opposed to full screen queries
Qry_Pagelen Number of lines to display per "Page" on the query display
Qry_Popup Force a popup for the Query regardless of whether popups are suppressed
Rclick_Option$ Option to include Right Mouse click button on Caption line
Render_Absolute Enable absolute rendering as opposed to old-style table base rendering
Setwdwsize Re-size the windows on initial load to accommodate the panel size
Shrink If re-size option is enabled (above) this controls the shrinking windows to fit size of panel. Windows will always be expanded if required
Single_Frame_Crop On frames with text (Headers), don't use end frame header formatted cells if frame is 1 line high
Snapto_Lines Dynamically 'Snap' (align) all controls to standard lines increments
Tab_Height Folder tab height in pixels. Generally this should between 1.5 and 2 times line height. If zero then 1.5 times line height used
Text_Close$ The text word to be displayed that will 'Close' a window. Default is 'Close' but in multilingual systems you can change this
Text_Restore$ Text to display when a screen is refreshed due to transmission errors or user sending out of sequence. Also displayed after session rescue
Text_Timeout$ Text to display during disconnect countdown when device is left idle too long. Insert ##:## where the count down is to appear
Use_Backcolor Use application defined background colours when displaying controls/text
Use_Fonts Use application defined font information when displaying text
Use_Images Include all static application defined images. Style sheets will provide images Dynamic images will be included
Use_Textcolor Use application defined text colours when displaying controls. Simple text always uses application defined colour
Use_Webtab Use Web style vertical tabs for folders as opposed to horizontal tabs
Vert_Adj_Method Use "Original" line spacing algorithm when applying vertical allowance (above)
Vert_Allow_Noframes Suppress the vertical allowance (above) when rendering frames
Vert_Allowance Vertical allowance to use when generating HTML. Controls that start within this distance of proceeding control are to be considered on the same line


Restricted or unsupported Directives for iNomads

Directives State
ACCEPT not supported
CLIP_BOARD supported for IE
CUSTOM_VBX not supported
DEFTTY not supported
DEF OBJECT supported for defining Shell.Explorer
EDIT not supported
GET_FILE_BOX working on Directory option
INPUT/OBTAIN only supplies CTL events
LINE_SWITCH not supported
MNEMONIC not supported
MULTI_LINE for Rich text (non-Rich text supported) not supported
MULTI_MEDIA not supported
ON EVENT not supported
READ/WRITE work in progress
SAVE CONTROL not supported
SETCTL not supported
SETMOUSE not supported
SYSTEM_HELP work in progress
VIDEO_PALETTE not supported
WAIT FOR EVENT not supported
WINPRT_SETUP supported for READ/LIST and for server


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