How to activate Providex Version 7, 8 or 9 Online

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For many years PxPlus has had the benefit of easy online registration. Now ProvideX Versions 7, 8 & 9 can also activate online. Calling support for a permanent key will no longer be required.

The new process is easy to install:

  1. Download the appropriate OS version from
  2. Place it in the main PVX directory.
  3. Unzip (Windows) or untar (Linux). Files will be distributed to the appropriate locations.
  4. Start pxpwactv (Windows) or pxpreg (Linux).
  5. Enter the serial number of the product along with all other required items.
  6. Enter the 25 digit (5x5) temporary activation key. This key will run for thirty days and can be used whenever re-installing is required.
  7. Start pvx.exe (Windows) or pvx (Linux) and respond to the prompts.
  8. Restart and the product is now registered with the permanent key.
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