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Auto Fill

The Auto Fill feature will complete the entry of a multi-line control based on matches available from a pre-defined query.

To define Auto Fill will require some setup in Nomads. In the Multi-Line control Attribute, set the Auto Complete box. The Must Match and Not empty boxes are optional. Must Match will force the entry to match an entry from the pre-defined query. The Not empty box is dependent on Must Match and when checked will not allow a blank entry.

In the Multi-Line Query, enter the Library and Panel to be used as the pre-defined query for the Auto Fill. The first column of data from the query will be the column that matches will be made against. Also ensure that the Suppress Query button box is checked in the Query Button Options.

Auto Complete

The Auto Complete feature provides the ability to complete an entry by selecting from a list of entries. The list of entries will be refined by the data entered by the user. The list can be defined as coming from an application data source (Pre-set) or from a saved list (Recorded) made by individual users.

The main use for Auto Complete would be to allow faster entry of fields like Client Name, City, Account Number, Product Number or anything where repetitive entries are made. Using Auto Complete will also reduce data entry mistakes. Auto Complete can be setup for use in Nomads and non-Nomads applications. It can be applied to Multi-Lines and Grid Cells controls.

To define the Auto Complete will require some setup. The setup instructions for Nomads are on page 270 of the ProvideX Nomads V9.10 manual ( For non-Nomads instructions please see the AutoComplete section in the Multi_Line Directives of the PVX Plus manual ( These definitions can be used in multiple locations throughout an application regardless of how they are setup.

The Pre-set definition requires the use of an application data source that will provide a list of entries for the user to select from. In the case of Order Entry using the Customer Master as the data file will allow for the user to select the customer name from a list based on only a couple key strokes. It is very important to use the read only box in the Pre-set method as data will be written to the data source. The Process on Server box will be required to access a data source that is located on a server. The list that is displayed is configurable as is the data that is returned to the Multi-Line or Grid Cell.

The Recorded definition requires that a file be created on the user’s local system. This file will be used to keep all entries made by the user. The Auto Purge option will remove entries that have expired once they’ve reached the pre-set number days. When entering data the user will have a list of previous entries displayed based on the data entered, that they will be able to select from to complete the entry. The read only box should not be checked as the entries made by user need to be recorded.

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